TJ Williams Instrumentation Ltd

Precision Handcrafted Instrumentation for over 150 years.

TJ Williams Instrumentation Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Pressure/Vacuum Gauges, Test Gauges, Tank Contents Gauges, Low Pressure Capsule Systems, Absolute Gauges, Chemical Seals, and Bimetal Thermometers.

Recently, we have added another product to our ever growing manufacturing portfolio; Model 14DPG – Digital Pressure Gauge with Hygienic Type Process Connection.

These digital pressure gauges with seals are intended for use with hygienic processes in the pharmaceutical and food industries; with a maximum pressure rating of 40 bar and an operating temperature of -10°c to +120°c. These gauges have selectable units of kPa, psi, kgf cm2, bar and Mpa and battery life of 12-24 months, whilst running on only 2 AAA batteries.

Don’t forget our bespoke design service. If you can’t find the specification, or the product you require, do not hesitate to contact us on +44(0)1446 729200. More information is available about this on our website along with other contact information.

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