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“Precision Handcrafted”

Instrument for over 150 years

Bespoke Designs

We can design & manufacture gauges to customers own specification including various sizes, connections & dial ranges.


Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manuals. These are free to download and print.

Tank Questionnaires

Tank Questionnaires are used to determined which gauge/system is suitable for your needs.


Our datasheets contain all product details and requirements. You can download it to view it in pdf.

Leading engineers and manufacturers to the pressure, level, and temperature industries. Official UK distributors of standard pressure gauges for Kobold UK.

Product Categories

Discover a world of industrial solutions tailored to meet your precise needs with TJ Williams Ltd. Our comprehensive range includes essential accessories, sophisticated instrumentation, digital pressure gauges, digital thermometers, chemical and hygienic seals. Enhance the functionality of your equipment with our high-quality accessories. Monitor temperature accurately with our analogue and digital thermometers. Our chemical and hygienic seals are designed to withstand harsh environments. Gain real-time visibility into liquid levels with our tank contents gauges for efficient inventory management. Trust in reliable products for precise pressure measurement in diverse industrial applications. TJ Williams Ltd supports you with expert advice to optimize processes and achieve operational goals.


“Craftsmanship at it’s finest – a credit to UK manufacturing”



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