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Dial Thermometers - Digital & Analogue

Welcome to our selection of high-quality analogue and digital thermometers designed to meet a variety of temperature measurement needs in industrial applications. At TJ Williams, we offer a diverse range of products, including digital thermometers, filled system thermometers, heavy-duty Bi-metal thermometers, heavy-duty stainless steel Bi-metal thermometers, HVAC Bi-metal thermometers, and low-cost stainless steel Bi-metal thermometers. Our dial thermometers are constructed from durable materials and utilise gas-actuated or expansion principle mechanisms for accurate temperature readings. Whether you require precise temperature monitoring in challenging environments or cost-effective solutions for general applications, our thermometers are built to deliver reliable performance. Explore our range to find the perfect temperature measurement solution for your specific requirements, from gas-actuated thermometers to Bi-metal thermometers capable of measuring temperatures up to 120°C.