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Vacuum Pressure Gauges & Indicators

Welcome to our range of premium pressure and vacuum gauges, meticulously engineered to deliver accurate and reliable measurements across a wide pressure range. Our extensive collection includes the Model 12 pressure gauge, ideal for standard test pressure and vacuum applications, and the Model 2 HVAC pressure gauge, designed specifically for HVAC systems. Explore our selection of gauges, including the Model 20 solid-front safety pattern gauge, Model 8GL sprinkler gauge, Model 6 general-purpose gauge, and Model 7 glycerine-filled pressure gauge with a stainless steel case and brass internals. We also offer the Model 8 black case chrome bezel pressure gauge, Model 9 all-stainless steel pressure gauge, and Model 10 brass pressure gauges, each engineered to Class 1.6 accuracy standards. Additionally, our lineup includes the Model 18 all-stainless steel bourbon tube gauge, Model 18FS bourbon tube gauge with a refrigerant scale, Model 18SD bourbon tube gauge with silicone-damped movement, and Model 19 weatherproof heavy-duty bourdon tube gauge. Whether you require vacuum gauges, pressure gauges, or pressure vacuum gauges, we have the perfect solution for your measurement needs.

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